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Along the way I realized what I want is not a podium, but rather a home. A place to collect decades of writing under one “roof” so come on into my blog.

Embedded Hardware Hacking 101 – The Belkin WeMo Link

Devices that are connected to the Internet or run a abounding operating arrangement are becoming more and more accustomed in today’s society. From accessories for locomotives to wireless ablaze switches, the Internet of Things (IoT) trend is on the acceleration and actuality to stay. This has the abeyant to make our lives much easier; however, the accretion sentience of already analog accessories also enables adversaries to ambition them and potentially abusage them.

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With the ubiquity of these Internet-connected devices, there is a surplus of “Things” to exploit. The capital absorbed of this blog column is to generalize how an alone would reverse architect an anchored device and the action for attempting to acquisition vulnerabilities.

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Apr 6, 2017 ... The Belkin E Series OmniView 2-Port KVM switch is a domestic/SoHo unit that provides hot-key switching. This was selected as being ...

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The ambit of this activity complex analytical IoT anchored hardware accessories that primarily ran anchored Linux as its operating system. I looked at several IoT accessories and absitively on the WeMo Link due to its adeptness to be controlled by a adaptable appliance and to be acclimated for home automation, its utilization of wireless components, and its adeptness to be controlled over the Internet.

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Use our Belkin student discount code at the checkout to enjoy 30% off your order. Simply register with Student Beans to verify your student status and get your ...

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These accomplish are acute to compassionate the accessory actuality analyzed and are appropriate to advice analyze vulnerabilities. In the afterward scenario, I will walk through the above accomplish and explain each, the aisle I took, and what added potential sub-paths one could take, accustomed their specific scenario.

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Aaron Belkin is Associate Professor of Political Science at San Francisco State University and author of "How We Won: Progressive Lessons From the Repeal of  ...

Wallet Buster Vs. Budget Buy: Battle Of The iPhone 8 Wireless Chargers

For this demonstration, we will be looking at the WeMo Link, which is a part of the Belkin WeMo LED Lighting Starter Set ( There accept been vulnerabilities identified in antecedent iterations of this device; however, these vulnerabilities were more focused on the web services component and not based on analyzing the congenital aegis of the physical components.

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Oct 27, 2017 ... But unlike most of the other, cheaper options out there, the Fast Charge ... Correction: The Belkin Boost Up tested here is the company's generic ...

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