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IoT Zero-Days – Is Belkin WeMo Smart Plug the Next Malware Target?

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Belkin router

Jun 3, 2019 ... Amazon is dropping the prices on Belkin power strips and surge protectors today, with many close to their all-time lows.

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Effective malware is typically developed with intention, targeting specific victims application either known or unknown vulnerabilities to achieve its primary functions. In this blog, we will explore a vulnerability submitted by McAfee Advanced Threat Research (ATR) and investigate a piece of malware that recently incorporated similar vulnerabilities. The takeaway from this blog is the increasing movement towards IoT-specific malware and the likelihood of this unique vulnerability being incorporated into future malware.

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Fast forward nearly a year and, to the best of our knowledge this vulnerability, classified as CVE-2018-6692, is still a zero-day vulnerability.  As of April 10th, 2019, we have heard of plans for a application towards the end of the month and are standing by to confirm. We intentionally did not release exploit code to the public, as we believe it tips the balance in favor of cyber criminals, but exploitation of this vulnerability, while challenging in some regards, is certainly straightforward for a determined attacker.

Belkin charger

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So, you really wanted an AirPower:

We are rapidly approaching the one-year mark for the date McAfee ATR disclosed to Belkin (a consumer electronics company) a critical, remote code execution vulnerability in the Belkin WeMo Insight acute plug.  The date was May 21st, 2018, and the acknowledgment included extensive details on the vulnerability (a buffer overflow), proof-of-concept, exploit code and even a video demo assuming the impact, dropping into a root shell opened on the target device. We further blogged about how this device, already compromised, can be used to pivot to other devices central the network, including acute TVs, surveillance cameras, and even absolutely patched non-IoT devices such as PCs. Initially, the vendor assured us they had a patch ready to go and would be rolling it out above-mentioned to our planned public disclosure. In January of 2019, Belkin patched a vulnerability in the Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker w/ WeMo, which McAfee ATR appear to Belkin on November 16th, 2018, and released publicly at Mobile World Congress in backward February. We commend Belkin for an effective patch within the acknowledgment window, though we were somewhat surprised that this was the prioritized patch given the Mr. Coffee product with WeMo no longer appears to be produced or sold.

Belkin battery backup unit

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Let’s focus now on why this vulnerability is enticing for malicious actors.  Recently, Trend Micro released a blog observing occasional in-the-wild detections for a malware known as Bashlite. This specific malware was recently updated to include IoT devices in its arsenal, specifically application a Metasploit module for a known vulnerability in the WeMo UPnP protocol. The vulnerability appears to be tied to a 2015 bug which was patched by Belkin and was used to fingerprint and exploit WeMo devices application the “SetSmartDevInfo” action and agnate “SmartDevURL” argument.

Belkin setup

Oct 7, 2011 ... A guest post by Corbyn Hanson Hightower, whose earlier post about dumpster diving to feed her family struck a chord with readers. Read more ...

Belkin's fully loaded power strips are stupidly cheap in Amazon's today-only sale

The Insight smart plug firmware amend never materialized and, after attempts to try to communicate further, three months later, in accordance with our vulnerability disclosure policy, McAfee ATR disclosed the affair publicly on August 21st. Our hope is that vulnerability disclosures will encourage vendors to application vulnerabilities, educate the security community on a vulnerable product to drive development of defenses and, ultimately, encourage developers to admit the impact that insecure cipher development can have.

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